Application Guide


Industry Application
Aerospace  Space capsule simulation
Battery  Process lithium and sodium
Ceramic Gas monitor in oven
Chemical  Reaction affect

 Precise gas in ppm level

Catalyst control

vinylchloride, propylene, butadiene, etc.

PCB Manufacturing  Wave solder, reflow oven
Combustion analysis virtually every industrial fuel-burning application where emission monitoring and/or combustion efficiency is important,
Contact Lens Nitrogen curing
Control Environment Glove boxes, chamber
Electron Beam curing Paint, Ink, Dyes
Food and Beverage Headspace
Packaging Leaking barrier
Glass Manufacturing Pilkington process, frosting effect
Fiber Optic Manufacturing Inert environment
Graphite Production Low level flammable gas control in extremely high temperature
Heat Treating carburizing, nitriding, polishing, brazing, dry cyaniding, sintering, annealing of metal and alloys, etc
High Purity Gases Impurity content in part per billion
Light Bulb Manufacturing backfill the bulbs, oxidation of the filaments will prematurely shorten bulb life
Nuclear radioactive solids must be employed under inert conditions
Oil Recovery lining corrosion in CO2/N2 mixed
Pharmaceutical oxygen sensitive process
Pipeline Leak detection Excessive leaks of oxygen in natural gas
Poultry Hatching maximum hatching rate in incubation
Research and Development Numerous applications ranging from medicine to agronomical
Rubber and Polymerization Control Dimers in the polymerization process
Semiconductor CVD, RTP
Steel Production Blast furnaces, efficiency of combustion
Transpiration Uptake rates
Vessel Blanketing Reactor vessels leak reduce efficiency
Welding Argon and Helium impurity


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